Successful test in Portugal for Rob and the team

Rob made his maiden run in the new Toyota Avensis last week in Portugal under wet conditions but immediately felt comfortable in the car, unfortunately however last years engine failed whilst testing had begun but all was not lost, Shane and Danny picked up a brand new engine from Swindon on Friday evening and made the long and tedious drive all the way to Portugal arriving late Saturday night to ensure Rob could get back in the car for one more day's testing! This was a massive effort made by the guys so a big shout out goes to them.

Sunday's testing could not have gone any better, Rob was pulling out some extremely encouraging times on old tyres for most of the morning and went even faster in the afternoon! it seems FWD is now the way forward (excuse the pun!) Rob says 'I am even more excited for the season to start now and already feel confident in the Toyota, there is plenty of work to be done but I feel I am half way there already with some more testing to look forward to before Media Day' 

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